Retail POS Solutions

The Cutting-Edge Cloud-based Retail POS system


Multiple Location Management

Real-time update the inventory of every store.

Item inventory change history

  • Add, Remove, Set, Sales, Return, Inventory In/out, Transfer In/Out
  • Each change is connected with the reference.

Purchase Order to the Vendor

  • Send the PO to the Vendor
  • Vendor Receive it by email
  • The vendor can view and the POS can be recognized that the PO was opened by the vendor
  • Accept the PO in the POS and the inventory uploaded automatically.

Category Management

  • Department – Categories
  • You can characterize the categories
  • Tax, Discount, Reward can be controlled in the Category setting.

Physical Inventory

  • Real-time Physical inventory upload
  • Available to do physical inventory while operating the store.
  • Auto Accuracy rate 

Inventory Transfer Between Stores

  • Transfer inventory from one store to another.
  • HQ can track the Transfer
  • 3 Stages of Transfer: 
  1. Pending
  2. In transit
  3. Completed

Item Price type

Each product can be set up with price type

  • Single
  • Multiple
  • Amount
  • By Weight
  • By Multiple Weight
  • By QTY
  • Bundle 
  • Coupon
  • Group


  • Easy Selection of Label type
  • Design Custom Label

Scale integration

  • Embedded Scale available to integrate with POS
  • Scale Scanner available
  • Label Printing Scale available 

Real-Time Online Reports

Real-Time Report for Every store

  • You can check the real-time report on the phone, PC, and tablet.
  • You can see the report of all of the stores.

Capture the ticket

  • The system is storing each receipt
  • You can see all of the receipts the same as the real receipt.

Products report

  • Department _ Category View
  • QTY, Sales, Discount, Cost, and Profit %

Detail Summary

  • Detail Summary report with sales, payment, and categories
  • The report is real-time 

Inventory and Item

  • You can check the information about the Items
  • The real-time each stores inventory 

Employee Management

Detail Employee Permission

  • A user group can have different permission.
  • Employees can have different permission at other stores 

Clock In/Out

 Employees can clock in and out at any station or any stores.

Adjustable time of clock in and out

Only manager who has the permission of Employee management can adjust the employee’s time clock in out.


Customer Management

  • Customer can be assigned on the customer Group
  • Birthday Customer Transaction History
  • Customer Credit/Balance

Customer Transaction History

  • Track the customers History
  • Each ticket can be viewed.

Easy Customer Search

Search by

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. Customer code

Multiple Location Management

Powerful Headquarter

HQ can handle

  • Users
  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Customers
  • Settings
  • Stores

Management of Each Store's Setting

  • HQ can handle store setting.
  • HQ change the setting, then the store setting can be updated right away

Tracking Inventory

HQ can handle 

  • Each store’s inventory
  • Transfer inventory
  • Inventory history
  • PO


Gift Card

  • Gift Card can be used for multiple locations
  • A gift card is rechargeable
  • Most secure gift card management

Point System

  • A fully customizable Point system
  • It can be redeemed as a coupon or discount.
  • Point payment available

Coupon system

  • Coupon can be used for multiple locations
  • Points can redeem as coupons.
  • Coupons can be assigned for customers

Free Mini Web site

  • Responsive design
  • Product catalog
  • Coupons

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