Handheld Barcode Scanner

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Gun-type handheld CCD Scanner

• 617 nm visible red LED
• 330 scans per second
• 2500 pixels CCD
• 20 – 320 mm (UPC/EAN 100%, PCS=90%)
• Dimension : 147 × 62 × 114.5 mm (device only)

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Handheld Scanner

Gun Type Handheld CCD Scanner


This scanner is a gun type rugged barcode CCD/Laser scanner with a state of the art scan engine.
Featuring a superb scanning speed and able to withstand 1.5 meter drop, it is ideal for manufacturing and
logistic sectors.This scanner is an advanced handheld CCD scanner with 100,000 light resistance ability and rugged gun type form factor, ideal for tough working conditions and rough operation.
Decoding with speed and accuracy, it is made to streamline your business and improve work efficiency.• Proprietary Ultrascan decoding technology
• 32 bit micro processor unit
• GS1 DataBar decoding capability
• Analog image capture technology
• 1.5 M drop resistance


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