Pricing for Restaurant POS

Most Simple and Transparent Pricing

Price for Point of Sale

Online Order & Curbside Order Pricing

Contactless Fine Dining


POSTMATES Delivery Service Integration

$100 / Month

  • You don’t have to have in-house delivery service
  • The Actual delivery fee will be paid by the customer
  • Full integration with Kona Online Ordering system


  • Full Integration with POS system
  • Easy Setup
  • Multiple Redeeming Options
  • Printing or Emailing Coupon to the Customer
  • Integrated with CRM

Waiting List

  • track of customers waiting on line
  • track customer lists
  • how long the customer waited
  • how many guests in that party

Self Order on the Table

  • Customizable Table Order
  • Ipad or Android tablet
  • Direct Communication with Kitchen Printer or KDS
  • Customer order Item Menu, Refill the Drink, Bill request, and Special Help.


KDS (Kitchen Display System)

  • Full Integration with POS system 
  • Bematech Integration

Gift Card

  • Multiple Location Available
  • Rechargeable
  • Reading Gift Cards from PAX terminal
  • Adding a tip on Gift card

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