Contactless Fine Dining Solution

Customers do everything on smartphone

Easy and Simple

  • Customers can scan the QR code with their smartphone

  • Once scanned, contactless dine page will pop up from any of their web browser on phone

  • No need for additional App download

Customers can

Search through Menu and add orders

Check their orders

Pay the Bill

Call Servers to request service, such as “Refill drink”, “More Napkins”, “Clean the table”, and etc which is customizable

Flow of Operation


Server Sits Customers at the table

Server asks for the course/plan of the visit


Print QR code from POS

Server assigns the table and prints QR Code

Post QR Code on the table


Customer scan QR code

Hover over the QR code & tab the link pops up


Place an order on their smartphone

Choose an item and add to the Cart

Review and send order


Call Server for service

Customizable service tab will be provided. Default is Refill Drink, Special Order, and etc.

Service request notification will show up in POS or can be set up on TV or tablet where all the servers can see


Payment on the Phone

Customer can check the bill

Customer pay and add the tip.

Option for either “Pay on the Phone” or “In-person pay”

Contactless Buffet Solution

Contactless Buffet is an enhanced feature which can be used for a Buffet environment

Solutions for all kind of Buffet style

Servers bring out the order to the customers

Family Buffet

Japanese All You Can Eat

Chinese Buffet

Features for Buffet Solution


Only selected plan will appear on the phone


Quantity Limit Restriction

Per order, customers can order a limited quantity of food at a time.


Time Limit Restriction

Once the customer orders the foods, they have to wait for the amount of time set up for the next order.


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